About Me

Hi My Name is Vignesh

Working as a Recruiter, am a computer freak, graphic designer,i love to make cool and creative designs regardless on what medium i'm working in.

Facts About Me 
I have been into internet stuffs from my schooling .
Its been 10 solid years i'm wondering in google .
Aside from design, my other job are Seo, Hacking , Research.
The amount of random movie knowledge I have would scare you.
I love to teach everyone which i believe its worth enough.


  1. Very Impressive :) Looking forward to your education blog. I have a doubt, you mentioned your blog is about education. Education in the sense what category or subjects you are relating it with ?

  2. its related to all the subjects which u gone through in your high school(college) not only on technology , we are including so many topics in our blog , still discussing on it:) :)